EdTech 542 – Week 5 Digital Reflection

Throughout this week the focus has been on creating an essential driving question and sub-questions.  I began my process using the BIE Driving Question Tubric 2.0 create my essential question for the Digital Footprint unit.  I reviewed the reading material while I continued to wordsmith my essential question.  However I kept focusing on the outcome more that the broad overarching goal.  After attending the webinar offered by Dr. Kerry Rice, I had a better understanding of the essentials of the driving question.  From the portions of my driving questions that were too detail oriented I generated several subquestions that student will explore to get them towards the end result.  The questions and subquestions have been added to the project overview on the PBL site for the Digital Footprint unit.

The next phase was to take a look at various visual planning tools.  Of those tools presented as options there were only two that I have not used before.  I chose to use Padlet to create my visual mapping for my project.  I am using this tool to organize ideas and resources around the sub-questions developed.