3D Game Lab – Unity Introduction Quest

A new month and more exciting options for professional development through 3D Game Lab.  This month the focus is surrounding game design for teachers.  After last months hour of code event in my classes I find myself inspired to expand my horizons and learn more.

This first quest assignments was to explore what is out there for tutorials, curriculum, and media relating to using Unity3d in the classroom.

After searching Unity in the classroom, what I discovered was that from what I found it was mostly being used at the college level. I did find one link where the University of New Hampshire is running a STEM project using the platform for grades 9-12 ([url=http://manchester.unh.edu/outreach/stem-discovery-lab/upcoming]). On a wiki site I found several [url=http://gamesined.wikispaces.com/Game+Creation+Tools]tutorial sites[/url] (scroll about halfway down the page) that could provide useful to using Unity3d in the classroom as well. In addition, I found an interesting article about how high school students are using Unity3d to create projects. [url=http://www.3dteachers.com/2010/04/unity-3d-gaming-and-education.html]

I would love to see any information pertaining to younger grades using this platform, however, I didn’t find anything specific for that in my search.