There is an App for that!


This is a great app for the IPad that will allow you to use your IPad as a tablet to control your desktop.  You will need to download the parent application to your desktop.  There is a free 30 day trial to see if this is the right app for you.


This app is available for both the IPod Touch and the IPad.  You can download files created in GoogleDocs Spreadsheet to have flashcards created unique to your class.  I have used this with students as a station on the IPod Touch & IPad I have.  I allow students to use the app if they finish classwork early to help them self assess what they have learned or need to reivew.  In addition, I have loaded flashcards onto students devices if they had the app available to them.  It is an excellent study tool for students that needs assistance with vocabulary reinforcement.

Scholastic Storica
This great new app for mobile device allows you to download digital story books. It has a great audio feature with words that are highlighted as the narration occurs. In addition there is built in comprehension, vocabulary , and order of events. I can’t wait to explore more titles with my daughter.


A simple graphic interface designed for younger students in grades K-2 to begin to explore coding.  Same block like structure used in the full web based version of Scratch.

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