Quest Attractiveness

The attractiveness of a quest depends upon several factors.  The first thing to consider is the age of the user completing the quest.  A quest is designed for a 6th grade student would differ than that for an adult learner.  For a younger learner, I would make sure that there are visual graphics with clear concise directions.  If this were are multi-step assignment I would break it into several shorter quests so that younger students get more feed back with each step.  Rather than having them complete a larger assignment that may require longer sustained attention.  In designing quests I have found if I keep the average activity length for a 6th grader to 15-20 min. not only do students have greater success but they are more apt to complete quests assignments within this length range.  Depending upon the nature of the task, once the length of completion time gets longer than this then they are less apt to select this assignment   The exception to this rule has been when students are recreating structures in Minecraft to demonstrate or model Ancient architecture.

Another factor in quest chain design involves having the physical layout of the assignment being visually pleasing to the user without being overwhelming.  It is important to make directions organized, clear, and concise.  In addition, to be aware of using the appropriate amount of white space on the page to make it visually appealing.  For example, if a middle school student is a struggling reader and the first thing they see when opening a quest are multiple paragraphs of directions they won’t do it.  If those same directions were in a list bulleted list or were given using Voki then this particular student would find this quest less intimidating and more attractive.

Well chose visual and multimedia graphics support “Quest Attractiveness” to the end user.  These can enhance learning and make the user feel more engaged in the content verse learning primarily through just text.  One thing that games do particular well is present information to the gamer in a multifaceted approach.  Great quest do this as well.