During the Spring of 2012, after a lot of research into which Educational Technology program would be the right fit.  I have started my degree at Boise State.

EdTech 501 – Introduction to Educational Technology with Dr. Barbara Schroeder – Spring 2012

Ed Tech 541 – Integrating Technology into the Classroom Curriculum with Dr. Jackie Gerstein – Summer 2012

Ed Tech 502 – Internet for Educators with Stacey DeLoose – Summer 2012

Ed Tech 531 – Teaching & Learning in Virtual Worlds with Dr. Chris Haskell – Fall 2015

Ed Tech 505 – Graphic Design – Spring 2016

Ed Tech 597 – Autonomous Robotics for Teaching & Learning  with Dr. Young Baek – Spring 2017

Ed Tech 505 – Evaluation for Education Technologists with Dr. Thompson


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