EdTech 513 – Presentation – Digital Footprint

My presentation covers an introduction on the topic of Digital Footprint.  Students will see limited text and carefully selected images to represent concepts when possible.  In one instance students use a Google Form to actually generate an image that will then be interpreted through class discussion of our own digital footprints.

This project demonstrates multimedia and contiguity principles by:

  • carefully selecting images that align with the text on the page
  • being aware of whitespace in the presentation
  • having textual information minimized on each slide
  • incorporating video when appropriate that has been carefully selected in aligned with  chunk that is digestible given to attention span of the learner
  • there is a balance between text, video, and visual presentation of the media
  • by using visuals with words instead of words alone

Creative Commons License
Digital Footprint is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
Based on a work at http://wp.me/p29Uop-b3.


What an excellent idea! Using Google Forms to make a quiz that provides instant feedback to students.  I love that if they select the incorrect answer it takes them to the correct answer.  There is such unlimited potential for this in the classroom.  The only thing I found to be a challenge with this assignment was that I wanted to make the answer choices pictures and was unable to.  As a teacher in an elementary school, we have several students that are struggling readers.  I wanted to try to make the quiz as visual as possible having students select the picture of the state flower rather than the word sequence.  However, I was unable to make this option work.  I intent upon expanding the quiz to add more content to it.  Right now, it is just a brief 3 question assessment practice.  As the computer teacher, I actually am thinking of having students create the quiz from the content they are learning in their social studies class.  They can that do each other’s quizzes to see how they all do.

Check out the quiz and give it a try.