ED Tech 532 – How People Learn – Quest 1 (Learning Theory Mashup)

This assignment was to combine two learning theories together then create an accompanying graphic. I have selected the Classical Conditioning Theory of Learning to mash up with Multimedia Learning Theory. I believe that these two elements in conjunction exemplify the reasons for Gamification of Education. When multiple stimuli are presented in a variety of means to reinforce one another the end user has greater comprehension and retention of the presented material. For example, a game that has both text and audio narration with a pictorial representation of the directions has greater success for the user because they can absorb the content in multiple ways stimulating more receptors int he brain. Once this information is processed a new schema is developed in the brain as to the functioning of the game. This creates a new desired behavior in the user of the game to use controls in certain ways to acquire a winning condition. As the player (or learner) works their way through the game and face various obstacles the gamer learns from their mistakes through conditioning to over come each level creating new schema of how the game works at various levels. The new schema is created by a combination of feedback stimulus that can take the form of text, audio, and pictorial references in conjunction with each other. When the player adjust their schema they will experience success in the game and ultimately achieve the winning condition as desired by the game designer. Through the process of multiple stimulus the player acquires these new skills and retains them longer than if the stimulus was just in a single textual form.

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