EdTech 531: Minedraft

This particular assignment took a bit to problem solve what I wanted to create.  Once I had my preliminary design idea, I used Minedraft to map out what my structure would look like.  I went for a practical creation or recreation rather.  I decided to recreate the lab classroom I teach in at The Founders Academy.

The challenge as a relative newbie in this build that I ran into was creating computer monitors while still keeping the scale of he room.  Using the pictures on the wall was relatively easy.  Wherein the problem lies was in creating this same look on freestanding tables.  When all else fails, this teacher turned to the experts for this assignment.  None other than my students.  The amazing creative and resourceful individuals gave several suggestions to creating the effect I was looking for.  I settled on using glass to attach my pictures to get a sense and feel of computer monitors in a lab setting.  For the overhead lights in the room I used glow stone rather than using torch lighting.