What an excellent idea! Using Google Forms to make a quiz that provides instant feedback to students.  I love that if they select the incorrect answer it takes them to the correct answer.  There is such unlimited potential for this in the classroom.  The only thing I found to be a challenge with this assignment was that I wanted to make the answer choices pictures and was unable to.  As a teacher in an elementary school, we have several students that are struggling readers.  I wanted to try to make the quiz as visual as possible having students select the picture of the state flower rather than the word sequence.  However, I was unable to make this option work.  I intent upon expanding the quiz to add more content to it.  Right now, it is just a brief 3 question assessment practice.  As the computer teacher, I actually am thinking of having students create the quiz from the content they are learning in their social studies class.  They can that do each other’s quizzes to see how they all do.

Check out the quiz and give it a try.

3DGL – Google Apps for EDU Camp Reflection

Despite the fact that I have been using Google Apps for a while now it never ceases to amaze me that there is more to learn.  Last night while on Pinterst I came across a tutorial for Doctopus.  This amazing script makes the circulation of documents for grading purposes super easy.  The user simply sets up a Google Spreadsheet with basic information for the class assignment.  In the fields you enter student name, student email address, and assign groups if it is a collaborative assignment.  If you want to have each student work independently you can do that and even assign a naming convention formula that will rename each individual document for the students in that naming convention.  This eliminates the need for teachers to instruct students to copy the document that has been shared with them then rename it.  As a teacher that has transitioned this school year from teaching middle school to elementary school, I am always looking for ways to simplify the process for the K-5 students I work with.  This tool is going to do the trick.  In fact I have a project I need to send out for next week, I am planning on trying out Doctopus this weekend.

October Super Camp – Google Apps for EDU

I am at the beginning of another great professional development camp with 3D GameLab.  This time though I am focusing on Google Apps for EDU.  I have chosen to participate in this quest chain during the October super camp to aid in reviewing content I have learned through my own exploration in order to prepare to become Google Certified.  In addition, I hope to learn some new tricks and tips along the way.

On day two of camp I am on a roll.  I have created this portfolio to record my progress in learning/reviewing Google Apps for EDU, explored Google Spreadsheets formula and auto fill features, and explored Google Forms.  It never ceases to amaze me how much as an adult I enjoy the magic of unlocking new quests, leveling up, and earning badges, rewards, and achievement.  The process of being on the student end of things in 3D GameLab reaffirms what an amazing tool this learning platform really is.  
As for Google Apps, I find that it also is an amazing set of tools.  I love the fact that these applications are completely free for starters.  I have worked in two schools that have adopted Google Apps.  In both locations I find that working in the cloud gives me the flexibility I need to work on things at home and school.  This platform also looks exactly the same on a Mac as a PC given the fact that it is web based.  With that said it doesn’t matter which system you are familiar with it basically functions the same in both operating systems.  Often times in education I have seen a switch in operating systems in a school district make staff very uncomfortable.  However, with Google Apps the features will be located in the same location regardless of which system you are using.  With any application web based or otherwise the key to get others to use it is training.  I am hoping that this quest chain will continue to enhance my own skills so that I can effectively train my colleagues to transition to using Google Apps.