ED Tech 532 – Gaming For Love

Gaming for Love

Gamers Get Girls
Created by: OnlineUniversity.net
After viewing the content on the info-graphic I came to several realizations. The first being regardless of the relationship you are in there needs to be some sort of common interests present for things to work out. It is not surprising that with the vast number of gamers meeting and working collaboratively in game such as Minecraft and World of Warcraft that there might be relationships forged over the love of the game itself. With World of Warcraft having 11 Million users more than dating sites such as eHarmony it’s no wonder that these games are bringing people together in new ways. The amount of time spent gaming far exceeds that spent looking on online dating sites which would lead one to believe that given the amount of time spent in these collaborative virtual worlds that relationships forged in these environments have a better chance for success since the time spent is equal to an entire work week. As with anything in life, the more time and effort put into something the greater the return is going be.