EdTech 531: SL Building Basics

After reviewing the building basic videos and understanding how prims (primitive objects) work together I constructed a simple lamp.  I pulled in a texture I had used in a previous course of a Tetris image to create a Tetris lamp.  Then placed it on a display block that I customized by pulling in an image created in Fireworks.

For simple objects, the process is relatively simple.  My particular item was comprised of two prims I linked together.  The tricky part was aligning them on the axis so they create a cohesive object from all angles.  Honestly, I’m not sure that I have this just right at this point, however, with practice I should be able to create more complex objects.

tetris lamp & display_001

I then tried to create a couch out of four prims. This was a much bigger challenge to construct and get to a place where I felt like it was a decent virtual object. I can’t imagine the time it takes to construct an entire structure. I found a Minecraft texture image online that I used to create my video game themed couch. This just might turn into a complete line of products with a video game theme to them.
Minecraft couch_001

ED Tech 532 – Abbot’s Space Port

This quest based assignment took place using Second Life.  In Second Life I explored Abbot’s Space Port.  In this virtual world once can explore a terminal for air travel, purchase air travel transports, and just look at the various helicopters and planes available.  As I was walking around looking at the various forms of air travel I felt as though I was at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum just outside of Washington, DC.  Something like this could turn into a great classroom virtual tour for a science or engineering class to look at various aspects of the design elements of an aircraft.

Photos of Abbot’s Space Port in Second LifeHelicopter_001 Helicopter_002 spacebubble_001