All About Me & EdTech

Hello, my name is Joanna Marcotte.  I currently work at Winnisquam Regional Middle School, which is located in the heart of the New Hampshire Lakes Region.  I have been teaching middle school for eleven years.  During my career I have taught students in grades 6-8 in the content areas of language arts and social studies.  Currently, I am teaching 6th grade social studies which focuses on Ancient Civilizations in my school district.  In addition, I am also the middle school social studies curriculum leader.  I have been incorporating technology into my classroom instruction in a variety of ways such as the following: clickers, Intel Teaching Tools, Google Earth, I Touch Apps, and Interactive White Board technologies in conjunction with web 2.0 tools.

                  As a member of the middle school leadership team, I have been asked to share my knowledge of integrating technology into classroom instruction through professional development workshops offered in our school district.  During the last few years, I have chosen to design my own professional development goal plan around refining my skills using technology in the classroom and mentoring others to so as well.  Through my work at this I discovered that this is a great passion of mine.  Given my growing family and commitment to my profession, I need the flexibility of online classes with a researched based cutting edge program for my graduate program.  This has brought me to Boise State’s EdTec program.

          I hope to continue to refine my skills of using technology in the classroom to engage the millennial learners of the 21st century.  In addition, it is my hope that the course offerings at Boise state will provide me with a greater number of tools and the skills to utilize them effectively in collaborating and instructing both students and colleagues.  Ultimately, I believe I would like to acquire a position as a technology integration teacher.   As a result, I hope the tools and techniques gained in this program of study will aid me in becoming a better communicator, presenter, and educator of my content and integrative technologies.

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