EdTech 506: Whitespace

  • The users of this will be current and new teachers to The Founders Academy.  The staff range in age from mid-20 on up.  They have professional reading level.  Most staff have at least a basic comfort at working with digital tools.  However, Google may not have been the primary tool they were using prior to coming to the Founders Academy and the LMS (Learning Management System) may have been different in their prior place of employment.
  • I believe this solution will assist new staff in gaining familiarity with the tools we use at school.  The graphic I have created is in a checklist format and I have tried to organize in by priority.  Our professional development team felt that the creation of such a document may aid new staff with acclimating to the tools we use at The Founders Academy.  Those images that are underlined link out to video resources for staff to review as needed.  This way staff do not need to filter through multiple places; all resources will be hyperlinked into one or two documents creating a greater ease of use.
  • From the user test I learned that this would be a helpful tool for new staff coming in.  They felt this was visually pleasing and easy to understand.
  • The only revision is to finish the video tutorials that will link to this for training of the staff coming in for the 2016-2017 academic year.  I may break this out into multiple images that just focus on one topic for those that me be overwhelmed by such a long list.

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