3DGameLab: What is Kerbal Space Program?

After playing through a few quests in the Learn this, Play That camp, I have learned about Kerbal Space Program.


This is a game where the player, I mean student, can construct digital models of space shuttles.  Once the shuttle is build students then launch their shuttles into space.  If they have constructed it well then lift off should go well. If not then there may be some crashes, explosions, and mishaps.  That is okay because students can learn from their design failures, go back to the design phase, and make changes.  Through trial & error and a little perseverance, students will improve their design and experience success.  Next is to apply physics to their flight ability to get into a position where they are able to orbit the planet.  As students flight skills and design skills improve, they will have longer missions to get to where no Kerbal has gone before – other moons and planets.  We should explore this as an educational opportunity because it fosters critical thinking that mimics a real life situation and applies science skills.

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