EdTech 506 -Shape Tools

Google Drive Organization.fwFolder Organization.fw

    • Users & Assumptions – The initial users of this image will be 6th-grade students in an introductory computer course. Many incoming students have not had a formal computer course before.  If they have used electronics it has been primarily for entertainment and not for productivity and organization.  The age of these students ranges from 6th-8th-grade students primarily.  The reading ability of these students ranges from just below grade level to above grade level in a mixed ability class.
    • Rationale for Selection – My selection will work because in designing i
      t I considered that primarily I would be using digital pages but I wanted the flexibility to also print the image on standard paper for those students that benefit from having a hard copy when working rather than splitting a screen for navigating multiple tabs (pg. 250).  In creating the shape elements of the folders, I used simple rectangular shapes that were drawn in Fireworks using the vector line tools.  The folder images are placed at different levels from each other to indicate the folder hierarchy that exists in Google Drive.  This format mimics that of the image located on the Google Drive sidebar.  
    • User Test Results – My daughter test drove the image.  Her deduction was that the top was what you call the folder system and the bottom was actual labels you would apply to a folder system.  This is exactly what I was going for so I believe that the image will be successful with students in an academic setting.
    • Possible Revisions – I was considering adding more color to the folders, however, I didn’t want this to detract from the content.  I’m still mulling this feature over a bit and may revise to have the colors applied.




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