EdTech 554: Creating An E-Dossier

For this course, I have chosen to use Weebly to curate this semester’s coursework.  I would have preferred to continue using my WordPress digital portfolio site. However, it was highly discouraged by the instructor of the course given the nature of our coursework this semester.

My E-Dossier 


Introductory Image Assignment

506 Intro Image.fw


To create my introductory image I use Adobe Fireworks.  In designing my image, my first step was to select a color scheme.  To do this, I used Adobe Color CC to locate a color scheme that was visually pleasing.  My favorite time of year is the summer because I can spend lots of time outside wearing my favorite foot attire, flip flops.  The color scheme I selected from the gallery was called Vintage Pastel 2.  Once the color scheme was chosen, I used the RGB # to create a solid background color on which I began building my image.  I then used the rounded rectangle shape to create a mat for the text box that would include my name.  I used the fill effects of the wave in this box to give it movement and to tie in with the summer colors theme.  I used a font style that I felt was refined with a whimsical element called Apple Chancery.  To have the words stand out, I used a line color to contrast and the filters of raised emboss and inner glow.
Next I brought in the logo of the school I work at and my job title along with an OER image of a computer that I located on the website Icon Finder.  Also, from this site, I found a graphic of flip flops.  For my personal images, I used the polyline tool in Fireworks to cut around them on a separate canvas and copied them into my project file.  I selected these images to represent myself and family life outside of school.  The last image was originally from Vector Portal.  I didn’t like the color scheme in the graphic, so I used Adobe Illustrator to edit the gradient scale using the colors I selected from Adobe Color CC.  I figured out how to do this using a tutorial on Lynda.com to modify the star image.  I layered this with the phrase “Shooting for the Stars” because I am always setting new goals to work on both personally and professionally.  To finish everything off, I added several drop shadows to various elements to give the image more depth.