EdTech 531 – Minecraft: Survive The Night

With the creation of a new world in Minecraft, there is a certain level of anticipation that occurs.  This anticipation is even greater when the world in which you create is in survival mode.  The first seven minutes in survival mode goes quickly when you need to acquire supplies and it is uncertain about where you will spawn.

Locating wood to create planks and sticks was not a problem.  Once I crafted these basic supplies, I built a crafting table in order to construct larger items such as a door, storage chest, and furnace.   The problem was in locating coal to build torches.  On the first several nights, I sat in the dark because there was no coal to be found at my initial location.  I kept on block space open on my roof in order to at least have moonlight and dug a pit below it so if something decided to creep into my home base it would die upon impact.  At least that was my theory with a drop of 10 blocks below the entry point from the roof.

My next plan to begin to grow food, as foraging didn’t yield very much.  Understanding this could take several day & night cycles to become harvestable I decided to do this sooner rather than later.  Harvest came, and I crafted bread, which I promptly ate.  My daughter with amazement (who had only played creative) exclaimed, “You need to eat in Minecraft!” To which I responded, “This is hard work, you need to keep your energy up.”

Each day I ventured farther from home base in search of a better area to mine on my search for coal in order to light the darkness.  I was fortunate to find a nice vein of coal in a nearby mountain side.  On my way back to home base, I was attacked only to lose my precious and valuable coal supply.  Lesson learned from this build a second crafting table and a storage box to keep coal on site to minimize loss of supplies.

As time went on, reality was suspended as my four-year-old and nine-year-old huddled around me to watch me do my homework on Saturday night.  We didn’t need TV to entertain… only a homework assignment from Dr. Haskell with a mission to survive.   With the cheers of get the creeper and I hear a spider watch out coming from either side of me, I kept crafting tools, foraging for supplies, building outposts, and venturing farther beyond our home base to explore this newly created world.  The most impressive point for my son was when I built a sword.

I survived several nights! Mission accomplished and reality suspended for several hours.

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