EdTech 531 – Minecraft Parthenon

Given the fact that this was the second Minecraft structure I have built from start to finish, I am pretty impressed with myself. I should have planned my site location out a little better prior to the start of construction as there was a waterfall in the way. At one point, the Parthenon had flooded on one side. Once I was able to get the flooding issue under control things went much better.

Once everything is said and done, I found this to be a rewarding experience. It took a bit longer than I had anticipated it would. To plan out my digital Parthenon, I found an image online that had a grid system mapped out. This image was very helpful in the construction phase to use as a reference.

Once the general structure began to take shape, I began adding torches so I could work at night. I also liked the visual effect that the soft light created on the structure enhancing its Etherial look and appeal. As I was constructing the digital replica, I reflected upon what a magnificent building feat of architecture and construction this monumental structure was during its time of construction in ancient Athens. I even added my own take on the 42-foot statue of the goddess Athena on the interior of the structure.

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