EDTech 542: PBL Course Reflection

After completing this course I now have a greater understanding of Project Based Learning versus just assigning a project. In a project based learning model the instructor acts more like a coach and the students are finding their path through the content through discovery. The process of creating a PBL approach to instruction involves a lot more planning on the part of the teacher than a traditional model of instruction. As the teacher needs to anticipate the various paths that their students may travel and how to coach them in the direction that will be most meaningful given the driving question and the learning objectives. I feel that the most challenging part of PBL was creating a broad enough driving question. Getting that aspect of the PBL model is an area I still feel I need more practice with in the future.

When I first signed up for this course I thought it would be more of creating projects that infused technology into the classroom. I hadn’t realized the main goal of the course would surround an overarching learning theory that was this scripted in it’s process for development. I learned the correct process for creating a PBL experience for my students. I’ve also gained a toolkit of resources of where to go to create additional PBL experiences for my students in the future.

I plan on implement the elementary version of the PBL created next week through the completion of the academic year. As I transition into my new position for the fall, I will implement the Middle School/High School timelines for that position in September. I will continue to reflect and make modifications along the way as various elements of the Digital Footprint project are tried out. In the new position I have acquired for the fall the philosophy of the school is project based learning infused with a classical education model. As a result, I believe that I will be looking back at the toolkit of resources frequently to develop curricular units in the future.

Creating a Positive Digital Footprint Project

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