EDTech 513: Digital Story Project

The above project has been created as a sample to use with my students next year for an All About Me project.  Students are coming into a charter school as 6th graders from several other different schools.  This assignment will introduce students to using Movie Maker to create a video about themselves.  Students will discuss where they have gone to school during prior academic years, their interests and extracurricular activities, their families, and their favorite things.  This will create a digital story about each student that will later be used as an artifact for their digital portfolio.

This assignment demonstrates the personalization principal because it is created with more of a conversation style of writing in order to inform an audience.  It will be used as a kick off for students to learn a little bit more about their teacher in order to build a sense of community and sharing within the class.  In addition, given the personal story I believe that students will be able to better identify with the story as it is presented in a first person account.  I specifically referenced my own experiences as a middle school educator over my teaching career and how each of my choices impacted the next creating a linear story line.

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