3DGL – Toys that Make Worlds: Will Wright – Quest Reflection


After viewing the above Ted Talk I have drawn several conclusions.  Games are a revolutionary in their potential to provide the user with continuous feedback.  When we give students creative license to create their own planet in a digital environment we open up so many possibilities for learning.  In the case of the Spores by Will Wright he not only creates a simulation game but he gives the players amazing customization.  He allows students to create their game characters or sprites in order to create new species.  The players in Spores can see the effects of overpopulation and changes in environment happen over time.  Granted in the game the time span is more rapid than real world scenarios, however, if the player wants their plants to survive over time they will adjust their schema of successful game play to create new meaning from the feedback the game provides.

Individuals that play games are constantly evaluating their environment, data, and player interactions.  Players learn from their mistakes or failures and persevere to work towards winning the game.   They do this despite failures that may occur during game play of creating their own worlds, creatures, and playing with environmental elements.

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