ED Tech 532 – “My (Story) – Toy – Puzzle – Game” Quest

All great games have some sort of story line that is the hook for gamers.  When I thing about the coursework thus far, I imagine a game with amazing graphics of the entertainment industry with the educational piece in place.  As a former teacher of Ancient Civilizations to middle school students I envision that my game would have the main character be an archeologists in which they visit the civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Due to the fact that as a gamer I personally enjoy brain puzzle sort of games, such as The Room, I am envisioning that my game would have these sorts of mind challenge puzzle games built into it’s check points or level completion.  As students navigate through the various levels of the game exploring these great civilizations they have to use a cipher to unlock clues to then next part of their journey.  The cipher can unlock the language of the ancients such as cuneiform, hieroglyphics, the Greek Alphabet, and Roman Numerals.  In this way students are learning not only about the geography of the region they are exploring but also the culture as well.  There could be a quiz at the end of each level about the artifacts discovered and who they belonged to as well.

2 thoughts on “ED Tech 532 – “My (Story) – Toy – Puzzle – Game” Quest

  1. From what I have read, you have the makings of great game. I like the idea of incorporating ancient civilizations into the game. Although it’s a bit of cliché, you might consider creating a character who’s main goal would be to go back in time and change the course of history through various conflicts that may involve winning battles; say helping the Mayans defeat the Spaniards, or perhaps, saving the Romans from decline. In the process, the character would be briefed on the geography, history and plot needed to assist them or help them accomplish the goal or mission for each level.

    For “toys” you might want to consider ancient weapons, a latin dictionary, or even ancient money. A lot of possibilities exist, it’s a shame we don’t create more games based on historical characters and empires.

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