ED Tech 532 – Narrative Games 2

Narrative Games 2

I played Peasant’s Quest for about 20 minutes.  By playing this game I noticed that unlike Zork this game provides some graphics.  Although the graphic elements are basic in comparison to today’s standards they do provide more direction and assistance than having to create pictures in your head as is necessary with Zork.  The use of humor in the narrative text added to the enjoyment of the particular narration game.  When thinking about learners in my classroom experience as an educator I anticipate that there are several challenges with this sort of gaming style.  The first being that so much of the game is conveyed through written language making it difficult for struggling readers to proceed without frustration.  However, this could also be a great motivator for a student to improve their reading skills through game play.  I also anticipate that if a student were a poor at spelling that this too may hinder their progress in narrative game formats where directions need to by typed into the computer in order to obtain the desired outcome.

During my exploration in the game I discovered that my character was on a quest based experience to seek revenge for wrong doing to his house.  He attempted to enter the pass which was guard by a Knight, however, to my dismay according the Knight I was unable to proceed because my avatar was not dirty enough and running with flames.  So I proceeded to explore other parts of the region.  I encountered an Inn but discovered the Inn Keeper had gone fishing.  I did find him in the lake and he was looking for better bait for his fishing experience.  I didn’t have any so I proceeded on.  In my travels I found a shabby cottage with a single mom and a baby inside.  We share a common disdain for the character that burned down my house.  I did talk to an archer after leaving the cottage which earned me a point.  Woohoo!  Then I proceeded to explore and area that possessed tress looking as though it were autumn and a well was present.  Upon entering the next screen I was smashed over the head by an ogre like creature and died.  All in a days work of gaming in Peasant’s Quest.

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