ED Tech 532 – Narrative Games 1

After playing Zork: The Great Underground Empire I found myself using mental mind mapping to figure out where I was in this narrative game.  Not being able to rely on the use of pictures or graphics to visually aid me certainly required more higher level skills than a game that gives you the visual picture of where you are and an added map of the world which you might be in.  I certainly could have drawn my own map to aid in figuring out where I was in relation to the white house in this game if I felt that I needed it. 

Though my exploration of Zork I collected various items which could be useful later in the game.  I located a lantern, rope, an ornate sword, a leaflet, and a jewel encrusted egg in my travels.  I explored the white house in the game going into the kitchen, living room, and the attic.  I navigated into the woods where there was a clearing with a tall tree.  When I climbed the tree this is where I located the jewel encrusted egg.  Then I proceeded to the path leading to the mountain pass.  Now my journey did not run very smoothly as I was continuously attempting to trace my steps and found that just reversing direction did not get me back to where I came from.  This made following a logical sequence a bit challenging. I ended them game after 5 minutes of being stuck not being able to pass the mountain pass.  As a former social studies teacher I found that the use of directional words of north, south, east, and west an added value to the game because it gives some transfer of skills students may use academically. 

After doing a bit of searching online I did locate a cheat for the game giving instructions on what to type into the narrative text for instructions.  I won’t spoil the fun but I completely missed the door to the underground empire when I was right near it.

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