ED Tech 532 Second Life Cave Tour

Second Life – The Cave Tour


Upon entering the CAVE I explored the ICT Library set up in the main lobby. Through the hyper linked sites I was struck by the work done by the New Media Consortium (http://sl.nmc.org/2006/06/12/seriously-engaging-movie/). As I continued to explore I discovered a wealth of information on various topics as I collected different note cards for clicking on various objects. I can see where this exploration could turn into a digital scavenger hunt for students to discover information on various topics to enhance learning. The ability to self navigate and explore independently or in a group would address students various learning preferences.

I was able to preview PowerPoint presentations on the upper level of the ICT Library. One presentation in particular explored the pros vs. cons of using SL as a medium for course work. In this particular presentation the participants discussed taking virtual field trips using SL and the quality of discussion that occurred during these experiences. Another presentation I viewed connected experiences learning in Virtual Worlds to the NETs standards. I am certain that this presentation I will be revisiting as it will provide me with the documentation necessary to share with my building administration should I chose to further explore this as an option for my computer courses or an after school club to meet. The 3D game like features of Second Life would appeal to the various gamers out there that spend over 45 hours a week immersed in the gaming world.

As I continued to navigate through the CAVE I even earned a complimentary t-shirt that my avatar can wear at the next class meeting if I so chose. Free things even in the virtual world feel like an added bonus. I can see middle school students getting excited about finding an locating artifacts in a sort of virtual museum in SL as being a highly engaging experience. I love the ability to take photos to capture the place I have visited during this excursion. If I were conducting a similar activity with middle school students I can picture them putting a digital scrapbook page with captions about what they learned or experienced at various locations. These are just some of the things I explored while at the CAVE.

It is amazing to me that people purchase digital items for their Second Life world. When I think about the economics behind constructing these digital spaces for learning and collaboration its amazing.

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