ED Tech 532 – Gamification Infographic Reflection

I am excited to embark on this semesters journey to explore the use of games in education.  The opportunity to have a flexible course taken in the 3D Game Lab platform is particularly appealing.  Other courses I have taken at Boise State have not offered this much choice or flexibility.  As a graduate student that works full time and is a single parent this course will provide me with more opportunity for success than courses with a more rigid traditional format.

Through my questing this week I have been tasked with discussing how my life intersects with the gamification of education.  After viewing the info graphic I would conclude that my experiences run parallel to the gamification of education.

During the mid 1980s I was in elementary school playing Carmen SanDiego, Zelda, Mavis Beacon typing, Oregon Trail, and Sim City.  In fact I think I still have some of these games in my basement.  I was fortunate at this time to have a computer in my home.  This is probably only the case due to the fact that my dad was a computer technician and salesmen at the time.  As games become more popular in the homes with personal computers becoming more prevalent I was playing games like Civilization, Tetris, 7th Guest, and 11th Hour. I was also digital sources such as  Encarta for research as for papers.

As I became a teacher, I have used digital devices in the classroom with game like features to aid students in reviewing course material.  I have found that student engagement skyrockets when such experiences are brought into the classroom.  Now that my oldest is in school as she learns to read, write, and do math these activities are being supported through her Leapster games and apps for the I Pad.

Last Spring I engaged in 3D Game Lab teacher camp and earned my Beta Teacher Badge making me part of the digital badge era.  Through this experience it lead me to create a blended model in my 6th grade social studies course where students could quest their way through topics in Ancient Civilizations.

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