ED TECH 503 – Module 2 Discussion Post

The Assignment

Module 2 Discussion


  • In Chapter 3, Smith and Ragan talk about two major components in the analysis of the learning context: (1) determining instructional needs and (2) describing the learning environment. Please identify the needs assessment condition your ID project falls into (See S&R p.44 for details). And discuss the steps you will take to conduct the needs assessment for your ID project.
  • Briefly describe the learning environment where your ID project situates.
  • In Chapter 4, Smith and Ragan discuss different characteristics of learners and how these characteristics can influence the design of the instruction. What learner characteristics are important to assess in the context of your ID project? What are some questions you plan to ask to obtain the information from you learners?

The Discussion

The  project I have selected of creating presentations surrounding Google Apps for education comes from a need that has arise out of a new technology adoption.  My school district made the switch over the summer to Google Apps for educators.  The environment for the presentation that is available varies slightly as it is set in 4 locations.  Two locations are computer labs with standard desktop computers, a mounted projector, and a projection screen.  One space is set up with a net book cart, portable projector, and projection screen.  The last space has desktop computers, a portable projector, and projection screen.  This project falls into condition B in the needs assessment categories from Smith & Ragan.


This project is being conducted throughout the school district so that all staff will feel comfortable with the utilization of the newly adopted technology.  As a result, there are four trainers on the Google-ologist team.  Each will be using the same presentation to aid the learners in making this transitions.  The team will repeat the workshop 3 times during the course of the day to accommodate all learners in the district during our district wide professional development day.  Attendance at these workshops are mandatory.  However, to accommodate the more tech savvy staff we are offering two levels of Google Drive training at this point.  One is a basic model which will allow more time to play with basic features.  The advanced level will give a brief overview of basic features and focus more on the collaborative and sharing aspects of Google Drive.  After our first workshop on Google Mail our team collected data of the 250 staff that were trained.  Only 52 responded to the survey which made planning the next phase difficult.  At this point we are creating a survey to submit to staff later this week with the proposed agenda for the next workshop to allow them to self select which level they feel is most appropriate for them.  It is our intention to conduct a follow up survey on this workshop as well to gain understanding of staff needs and to improve the instructional experience created by our design team.


To follow up with the learners we want to know what knowledge they gained through the workshop to see if it aligned with our vision, what they want to see for the next workshop, when they would be willing to attend additional workshops, and ways we can improve the workshop experience for them.  Given the data from the last workshop, there has been discussion about bringing on another presenter to try to reduce session size.  Or having an attendance list in each location and sticking to that to keep numbers down as many people did not follow the assignments on the schedule creating larger sessions in some groups than necessary.

From this discussion post I will receive feedback from my classmate regarding my project to make improvements throughout the design process.

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