ED Tech 503 – Job Description

EDTECH 503 ID Job Posting

Please note this is not a real job posting.  It is part of a course project to understand what an instructional designers job entails in the field of education and business.


Tutankhamen Community College is an institution of higher learning located in rural America with a cross section of the regional population.  Tutankhamen Community College is looking to hire an Instructional Design coach to enhance curriculum access for students and staff.

The candidate will:

  1. Design and develop professional development opportunities for staff in the area of technology integration, curriculum development, and best practices in education.  These trainings will occur in both face to face and online platforms.
  2. The candidate will aid staff in creating online modules of vertically aligned curriculum linked to the common core for flexibility of scheduling for students, academic credit recovery, and for those students seeking an early graduation.

Required Skills of Instructional Designer:

  1. Creates comprehensive professional development material for both online and face to face training.
  2. Designs and develops content, in conjunction with content area teachers, that is aligned with common core standards, using multimedia, web 2.0 tools, and assessment tools in an online format.  Experience with HTML is helpful but not mandatory.
  3. Evaluates the effectiveness of trainings and online course work to ensure that staff & student needs are met.
  4. Use data to improve instructional material and training experience for staff and students.
  5. Work collaboratively with PD teams to conduct training for staff.
  6. Task orientated and able to work independently.
  7. Software proficiency working with Adobe Suite, Microsoft Office, Google Apps, and other presentation software.

Min. Requirements

1. At least 5 years teaching experience at the college level.

2. A Masters in either Instructional Design or Technology Integration.


In conducting research around job descriptions for instructional designers I realized that it isn’t just universities and school districts that need people in this field.  Corporations such as Sears and Google also see the expertise of instructional designers as well.  In either the corporate world or the world of education the basic framework of what they do is similar.  However, the audience and the way they go about their work is different.

Classroom teachers are expected to tailor their educational experiences for their students to individual needs, interests, and to personalize instruction when possible.  When someone is an instructional designer creating content the goal is to create a uniform experience.  They don’t necessarily have student interest surveys, learning style surveys, 504s or I.E.P.s in font of them when creating a course experience.  A classroom teacher is expected to tailor students learning experiences based upon a fore mentioned items to keep students attention, motivate the learner, and ensure student success.  A classroom teacher is expected to bring excitement and personality into the student learning experience when designing lessons.  Classroom teachers typically are the ones delivering the lessons in which they design this is not always the case with an instructional designer.

Instructional designers are different from teachers in the sense that they are designing content that they themselves may not be presenting.  In this respect, they need to create clear instructions, objectives, and assessments that can be presented by others that may not have the same skill set and or resources that are available to the one designing the materials.  The goal of the instructional designer is that they are creating a learning experience for either students or professionals that can be recreated with similar instructional methods to ensure all participants get a common learning experience.

There are several major differences between a teacher and an instructional designer.  Typically the classroom teacher knows the audience they are presenting to very well.  Verses an instructional designer may not have the personal relationship that a classroom teacher does.  Classroom teachers are experts in their field or content area.  An instructional designer is not necessarily an expert at the content but they are experts at content delivery and assessment.  Instructional designers are not always presenting the learning experience they create so they need to be cognoscente of the limitations of the presenters; whereas classroom teachers know their skills and can maximize those through their instructional methodology.

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