EDTech 541 Final Reflection

During this course I have gained a greater tool kit so to speak of resources for all content areas to engage students in learning through the use of technology.  I have continued to refine my skills of how to present content in a digital forum with embedded media to enhance student learning.  Typically in the past I would present information or digital medium in a whole class format.  Through the creation of the course final project site I have begun to think more about how to bring the content to more of a learning anytime anywhere model to provide students with greater flexibility of accessing content.  As the summer progresses and my school district moves toward using Google Apps for Education, I am contemplating how to take my projects developed in this course and post them online as part of my Google Site and how to expand this integration model further into other units of study.

As a professional, I believe the skills I have acquired in this course will continue to serve me well as a leader in my district.  I foresee that I will share some of these tools during district professional development days to encourage other educators to incorporate technology into their instruction to both engage and better meet student needs in the classroom.

Most of what I have created during this course has focused on the theory of student engagement in the learning process. I feel that gaining student attention through the utilization of technology is the first step.  If students are engaged in learning then they will retain more from their learning.  I have seen this work in my own classroom for several years using interactive tablets, IPods, IPads, Google Earth, media streaming, and other technologies to enhance classroom instruction.  I am excited to employ several new technologies I have learned about during this course to reach more students with a broader range of skills.

During the semester working on the course work and final project has aided me in demonstrating mastery of several AECT Standards.  It is evident, through the projects created that I have met the following standards 1.1 Instructional Design, 1.2 Instructional Strategies, 2.2 Audio Visual Technologies, 2.3 Computer Based Technologies, 2.4 Integration of Technology, 3.1 Media Utilization, and 4.1 Project Management.  The project as a whole has taken me on a path of designing instruction that incorporates a wide range of media such as Google Maps, written text, photos, voice threads, and video steaming as well as cloud based software into lesson and activity design.  Integrating these technologies into multiple content areas to create a cross-curricular learning experience for students of varying learning styles surrounding the common theme of Ancient Egypt.

I believe that the creation of these materials and the skills gained during the course of the semester will aid me in getting closer to my vision of technology integration into the classroom.

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