Ed Tech 541 Networking Project

Ed Tech 541 Networking Project

Assignment Description

Option 2 – Face-to-Face Field Trip:

Set up an appointment with a network administrator and ask him/her to show you how the network works. Ask to see the hardware and software involved. Take photos of the different parts of the network.  Develop a visual presentation, with diagrams and images (i.e. PowerPoint, Web, Flash, Captivate, Snag-It, etc.), describing what you learned. Take photos of your field trip, and if you have a video camera, you can record the interview. Add online links and resources for additional information. Submit a link to the presentation or an attachment in the appropriate discussion forum.


I really enjoyed having the face to face conversation with the technology director at my school district.  It gave me a clearer understanding of the school and district networks and how they were connected.  In addition, through our conversation we discussed challenges in creating a network to keep up with the demands of education.  These are just a few highlights from the conversation.  The collective results of my learning can be viewed in the voice thread below.


[voicethread b=3197247]

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