Ed Tech 541 – Week 1

As I continue my journey in becoming a technology integrator, I am finding this course intriguing. It is validating the practices that I have employed in my own teaching and have encouraged others to delve into. I found this particular assignment very helpful as I organize my thoughts about closing the school year and reflect upon what has worked this year.

As an introductory piece, our instructor had each student select a digital image of ourselves and create an “I Am Poem.”  I liked that there were models presented and that one of the models allowed the student to type in descriptive words an the poem would be generated from there.  (Online I Am Poem Creator)I feel this sort of tool would be particularly helpful for students that have difficulty with generating ideas for writing.  Many times getting started can be half the battle for struggling learners.  The poem I generated and those of my classmates can be viewed at http://www.flickr.com/photos/78773858@N03.  I can certainly see this as a great introductory activity to start out the school year next fall.

Here is my Relative Advantage Assignment for this week. Although my focus is on social studies I found that many resources I use in the classroom can be utilized across content areas at the secondary level.

  I have begun to create a separate web-site as part of the final portfolio for this course.

Ed Tech 541 Digital portfolio

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