3D Game Lab Phase 2

As I am trying to close out the end of this academic year, I find my current students wanting to keep gaming, doing social studies, throughout the summer.  In just 4 weeks, 51 students have completed over 1400 quests! That alone is an amazing phenomenon.  I have introduced the program to students and parents of next years 6th grade class during our transition parent night.  The general climate after the presentations was excited for new possibilities.  I find myself preparing an introduction to other teachers in the school district on the possibilities that game lab has to offer to hopefully convert a few more believers to the movement of the gamification of education to motivate more learners through choice.  While all of this is going on I have decided to use this platform to motivate high school students embarking on credit recovery in 4 social studies course.  Needless to say, at least for this educator, Game Lab has opened new possibilities and motivate learners.

2 thoughts on “3D Game Lab Phase 2

  1. Wow, 1400 quests is amazing, Joanna! It’s so exciting to hear that kids want to keep questing through the summer, and is additional confirmation for us that we’re headed down the right path. Thanks so much for sharing your progress.

    • Lisa,
      Students just finished week 6 of using game lab and reached 1600 quests. There are asking me when I am opening summer questing camp. The want to keep gaming and learning.

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