3D GameLab Quandary

Typically in education, you hear teachers discuss how to get students to accomplish work.  I am having quite the opposite problem.  The vast majority of students are so motivated to do work I can’t keep up with them.  This is all thanks to 3DGameLab.  In less than two weeks 50 students have completed over 640 assignments and earned well over 7,000 experience points for playing the “game” of 6th grade social studies.  You see when you class is set up with game like features students that are motivate by technology get excited when the hear the chime indicating a successful submission.  The watch the experience bar climb toward the next goal in order for them to level up.  The student that never does homework traditionally does it now because it’s on the computer and has the look and feel of a game even thought they are completing work for your class.

So my quandary is this, how do I keep up with the ever growing demand of my newly enthused students?  I am only 10 quests ahead of my highest quest achiever and many classmates are on this students heals.

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