3D Game Lab

I have been working during spring teacher camp and beyond the Teacher Dashboard in Game Lab and the 60 student accounts.  This has been one of the most amazing professional development experiences I have had.  Not only am I excited about the possibilities, but my students have been asking for updates on my progress along the way. 3D GameLab has forced me to look at education differently and to ask my colleagues to do the same.

I launched the student accounts yesterday afternoon.  I have two students already actively gaming through quests.  Yes! Middle school students are voluntarily doing homework over the weekend.  This is unheard of.  There only task was to get their parents to unlock their student accounts.  I didn’t say they had to complete quests yet.

I have even earned a special badge for completion of the Academy phase of teacher camp.

GameLab Beta Teacher Badge

I would recommend this professional activity to anyone in education.  It has been a wonderful experience.  So much so that I have made a presentation to my faculty advisory council and I am working on a proposal for the Christa McAuliffe Technology conference.

3 thoughts on “3D Game Lab

    • Sean-
      I presented with the intro video on GameLab from you tube and the video off the guild site. I then showed what I had done so far. I presented as part of a PLC and we did a problem based protocol around how to make it work in a grade based educational system. I hope this helps.

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