EdTech 501 Week 14 & 15

During the course of the past two weeks, I have been evaluating the maturity of rural school district using the Maturity Benchmark Survey, school district technology plan, and the school district technology audit. After completing my the evaluation of my selected school, I spent some time reviewing several of my classmates evaluation of schools they selected. All in all the school I evaluated and that of my classmates had similar results in several categories. It was enlightening and comforting to see that many schools are faced with similar struggles in moving towards an integrated technology model of education.

Evaluation of Tutankhamen Regional School District.

The Maturity Benchmark Survey


Through completing this assignment I have learned that the process of evaluation is one that requires time and a well thought response.  In this particular survey used to evaluate the maturity of technological development in schools many of the categories were interdependent upon one another.  One of the biggest factors impacting other categories with this particular case study was that of professional development and training.  This particular factor also came out earlier in the semester as a major factor affecting digital inequality in schools.  This process of evaluation is crucial in determining where a school is currently with technology, what the greatest areas of needs are, and what the next steps for development and or concentration of resources may be most influential.  It is imperative when revision a district technology plan to see if the plan was met and what revisions and improvements need to be make to best meet the needs of the students impacted by the development of technology in schools.

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