Ed Tech 501 Week 11


This week I have been doing so much related to educational technology. It has been week 1 of the 3D GameLab workshop; this has been a wonderfully intense experience thus far. Along with that I have been exploring subscribing to RSS feeds using Google Reader. This is a particularly helpful tool for organizing pages and web-sites worth following without having to go to each one individually. Below you can find a bundle of the teaching resource sites I have added this week to my Google Reader.

Google Bundle – Teaching Resources

This tech tool would certainly have use in the classroom environment. I can see students delving deeper into topics of study using RSS feeds to subscribe to blogs about historical findings, current event sites, National Geographic, sports news, or other topics of interest. Students could then use this to acquire weekly current events or happenings in their social studies class and report on it. I can see students where students would be excited to add their favorite sports team, fashion designer, or actor as part of their RSS feed subscriptions. It certainly would allow students to hone in on areas of interest.

I do see possible pitfalls with this as a resources. As a middle school teacher, not all students have an e-mail account in my school district. Which would mean that this wouldn’t be able to be an option for all students. As a district, we are looking at using Google Apps for education. When that occurs then this could be an option for all students.

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