EdTech 501 Week 7-8

During the past few weeks in EdTech 501, I have spend time reviewing the Horizon Report for 2012 and what that means for education.  In analyzing current emerging technologies I have designed the following lesson.  I have chose to incorporate tools that I use on a limited basis with the intent to broaden the usage of them as my school district explores various cloud based alternatives for student work and collaboration.  Below you can view the lesson I have designed to incorporate the use of cloud based programs, tablets, personal computers, and apps into classroom instruction.

Vocabulary Reinforcement Lesson

I have selected several of the AECT standards for this lesson design for the following reasons:

AECT 1 – the act of designing a lesson meets this standard.

AECT 2.2 Use of AV technologies – the lesson indicates that the instructor will use an LCD projector to display/model the use of cloud based GoogleDocs to create spreadsheet.  The LCD projector in combination with a document camera to project various devices to show students how to navigate the application of GFlash for optional learning and assessment of skills.

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