EdTech 501 Week 2

This weeks task in EdTech 501 was to create a blog that will be used to document my experiences while working towards my masters at Boise State University.  Learning to navigate the various features of Word Press this week has been frustrating, challenging, and rewarding.  I took a trial and error approach to learn what the blog program was capable of.  When I encountered challenges I checked the Moodle posts of my classmates to see if they were encountering the same problems and often found the solution was there.

At this point, I am already toying with the idea of creating another blog for the in-district workshops I am presenting as part of a technology workshop day later next month.  I think this may be a great way to organize my presentation materials so they can be accessed after the workshop is over.  In addition, it will create a forum where people could problem solve or pose questions on the technology.

I look forward to learning more of the ins and outs of Word Press to improve on the design of my digital portfolio.  I would also like to continue to explore other possible uses for this platform in my own work as well.

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