EdTech 501 – Week 1

Week 1 Assignment
Introduce Yourself: Video Presentation
Video Presentation Rubric

Video provides a good introduction about student (10 points)
Video includes discussion of why student is pursuing a degree in EDTECH (10 points)
Video includes discussion of what student hopes to achieve in program (10 points)
Video has excellent audio and video quality (20 points)


Create a short (3 minutes or so) video, introducing yourself. You can use any type of video camera (webcam, iPod, Flip, etc.) and any type of video production tool, such as Photo Booth (Mac), Movie Maker (Windows), or any other software. Need some ideas? Check out this website that lists a lot of Web 2.0 tools you can use: http://50ways.wikispaces.com/Tools+A+to+Z
Tell us about yourself, your work, maybe something about where you live and your family, any hobbies you have, etc.
Include information about why you are pursuing a degree in EDTECH at Boise State and what you hope to get out of the program. (You will be able to incorporate this beginning video into your final Portfolio Reflection Video at the end of the program, to view and reflect upon your progress!)
Publish to your YouTube account (make the URL “Unlisted” URL for privacy).
Embed your video on the Introduce Yourself Video Discussion Forum.

The Assignment

The Process

To create this introductory video I used Animoto, Tagxedo, Paint, Microsoft Word, and my own personal photographs.


This was my first time using Animoto.  I have created numerous videos before for assemblies, my field hockey team, and my personal classroom using Movie Maker.  I wanted to work with a new program in order to expand my skills.

In working with Animoto, I discovered that using text is limiting in this program.  I played with taking a screen shot of a word document in order to get the text desired to meet the assignment requirements.  In hindsight, I should have used Jing to capture the image instead of using print screen and pasting to paint.  In Animoto, I found that I did not have as much control over the timing of images and how long they remained on the screen.

In the future I would most likely fall back upon using Movie Maker to create a video that I wanted to embed more text into.  However, I did really like the professional look that Animoto gave to the finished product.  Overall, I learned that Animoto would be a great tool to use for primarily importing photos with a limited use of text. Creating this project was a learning experience.  I plan to revise the final video to see if doing a screen capture in Jing makes a difference in the quality of the text image I captured.  I have since used this clip to share with my students at the start of the new semester.

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